ACS Zoom Presentations for Monthly Meetings



Here is the way that this works:

  • View the list below of Presenters and Topics
  • When you have chosen the program, contact the Presenter at the appropriate email address to make your arrangements.
  • When a time has been arranged, contact Matthew Israel, Executive Director of the ACS (  He will set up a Zoom Meeting for your Club/Society.
  • Appoint a club/society member as Zoom Meeting Moderator. He/she will control the flow of your meeting - controlling the "mute" button, allowing people to individually speak or speak as a group.
  • Meetings will primarily be by PowerPoint presentation; however other methods can undoubtedly be worked out - Combination PowerPoint/Website Presentation, Live Camera Presentation/Demonstration, etc..
  • More than one club/society can simultaneously participate in a Presentation
  • This service is free; a Donation of $50 to the ACS is recommended.

This is an opportunity to get Great Speakers to "appear" before your club/society

Available Presenters, Contact Info and Topics

Bradford King - Arcadia, CA  
    "The Most Popular Camellias Bred in Each State" - This PowerPoint illustrates each of these beautiful cultivars as Brad King discusses them
    "The Best Camellias For Your Garden" - This power point is an illustrated guide to the best varieties to grow for a beautiful home garden.
    "Inspiration Provides Camellia Names" - This power point presentation pairs a beautiful camellia with the natural phenomena that inspired the name, or the person the camellia honors
    "The Camellia Crown Jewels: The Triple of Crown of Southern California" -  This power point highlights The Huntington Botanical Garden camellia collection, Descanso Gardens camellias and the world famous Nuccio's Nursery
    "Nuccio's Nurseries Introductions: Beautiful camellia Introductions" - This power point illustrates their award-winning camellias
Carol Selph - Quitman GA  
    History of Betty Sheffield
Forrest Latta - Mobile, AL  
    American Camellia Classics
Randolph Maphis - Tallahassee, FL  
    Camellia Reticulata
    Everything We have Learned About Growing Camellias
    Goodwood Presentation 2018
    Great Camellias for Sam Wellborn
    Handout for everything we learned about Camellias
    Jim Smelley's Presentation for Day Lily Society
    Litchfield Beach Camellia Grafting Program
    New Camellias Tallahassee Presentation
Patric Andrews - Citra, FL  
    Camellia Types
    Camellia Species
    Landscaping with Camellias
    Propagating Camellias
    Camellias 101
Mark Crawford - Valdosta, GA  
    Pruning Camellias
    New Trends in Camellia Hybridization and Selection
    The Georgia First Lady Camellias and the Georgia Camellia Trail
J. D. Thomerson - Valdosta, GA  
    Exciting New Camellia Varieties
    Growing Camellias from Seed
Matt Hunter - Wilmington, NC  
    Winning Camellias: Past, Present, and Future
    Overview of Basic Camellia Culture
Hunter Charbonnet - Northshore, LA  
    Topic - I
    Topic - II